Deep Surrender Christian Life Coaching and Wellness

Author of  "Deep Surrender" a up and coming book where she has developed this work through her own journey with God in navigating loss, change, transition and deep soul transformation.  This book offers strategies to connect with God deeper through prayer, writing exercises, and contemplation with the Lord.


It's the “how” I connected to God in a deeper way to transcend the transition experience of loss with Jesus. My whole world crumbled when I was stripped of everything and left on my knees with God. The only thing I could do was move into deep surrender and open my heart to him. I surrendered to being broken by Jesus and completely soul surrendered into my life purpose and calling.


This is the journey of coming home to God from the wilderness experience and the in-between place where I was lost and searching for meaning has lead me into the purpose for God. In this place is where connecting closer to God was the only thing left to do to.  Find the light in uncertainty and to be comfortable in the uncomfortable with God.



This was and is a journey of restoration and rebuilding with God and allowing his hands to recreate my new beginning and life.  A complete surrender for his presence to come in and changed everything. It was necessary to be broken for God and for the beautiful restoration that only he could do. This highlights the metamorphosis of change, symbolic of the caterpillar turning into the soaring butterfly. Please see the book pitch.