Christina writes from a heart-centered space and connects to her readers in a genuine, real and authentic way that relates and connects honestly. She has a background in counseling and wellness and has spent over 20 years in the wellness industry and living a God-centered life.


She offers practical tools that allows you to connect to a deeper place with yourself, and in God.  You will develop spiritual practices that allow you to connect, gain clarity and weave the threads of your purpose with God turning loss, change and transition into victory in the Lord.


Christina found and heard the call of God in hiking and connecting the hiking trail to life and her life path walking with God. She found her way with the Lord in loss, change, and transition from being lost she found herself. The light of God shined the way in uncertainty and the in-between place of a broken life and the new recreated, designed life with God.


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Deep Surrender where the Glory of God is