• Christna Morales

Connecting to God in Hard Times

When it's hard sometimes we have a numbing response to the crisis we are facing and we don't want to pray or seek God. I know that through the Covid-19 outbreak, I have had the string of roller coaster of emotions that may have temporally kept me from God. It was me that did not want to connect to God because of my high emotions but God never left me. It can be a challenge but when you don't feel like it this is the time you need God the most.

There was one morning that all I could do was cry and cry out to him and just said "Help Me" this might be the same for you too and you know what God is OK with it. He can handle our pain and our emotions so give yourself the time to cry with him. Allow yourself to feel what you feel with Jesus and get real with him to heal with him. He already knows you and knows your emotions don't shy away from him because of your high emotions.

Some things that have helped me in the times I feel numb and don't want to pray or seek God is to go out in nature. In high emotions we need to soothe ourselves and we seek comfort and we want to calm down and we do we usually will connect to God again. I started to pray scripture and starting sing to Christ on my nature walks. If you don't have access to nature maybe listen to nature sounds and pray. You just need to show up as you are for God.

Reach out to God when your hurting because he does care and even when you don't know how or want to just reach out and pray or just cry like I did. God knows you and he already knows how you feel so let him in.

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