• Christna Morales

Rebirth and getting through the process

Being reborn is a serious matter and navigating through intense inner transformation is really hard work. It takes a lot to give birth to the new you and step into a new form of you. The process of undoing you and releasing the old is a messy, dissolution can be a mess but an exciting and scary process. The darkness of the unknown and the uncertainty of a new future which is unknown can be scary because you are in the dark.

One day you will see the rising light of the sun and the new world you are entering in and the labor pains are intense but you will make it. You feel the last final pushes before you flop into the hands of a new life and new world. Like a new born you will stumble as you integrate your new identity. Be gentle with yourself and be tenderly loving to your new form. You have just been reborn and you reality has changed. Being reborn, giving birth and getting through labor is an intense process that requires love, patience and support.

The process of deep internal transformation is a deep process that requires a big deep surrender to God. It is also a surrender in the process of navigating your new being in a new world. It requires understanding and to be patient with yourself as you come into your new being fully. Protection of your new energy and surrounding yourself with supportive people is crucial because being around nurturing energy to support the new you is a requirement to nourish, nurture and support your maturing process of growing up into a new you.

This is the time to lean into God and increase your time with God and allowing yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit. Lean into the truth of who you are in God and don't forget who you are in him. Trust him and believe in his promises as you move in a new world with God.

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