• Christna Morales

Why is Change so HARD!

Change is hard because growing is hard work. Your shifting can occur internal or external but change will have us growing and transforming. Sometimes it's the process of changing who you are to become the person you want to me. Sometimes we enter transition through change or we are in transition experiencing change internally and externally.

I went through so many changes and transitions that sometimes I think my entire life has been one big transition. When I became Christian, I did go through a season of change because of my walk with God changed me. These changes have been brought on by God whether I wanted it or not and you can trust God through the process. I have always found change hard and its hard when God forces you to change. You've heard the prompting but you did not heed to the voice of God. Listen to God and don't fight the calling to shift.

We also fight change because denial is protective and we are afraid of the changes. In my case, I fought the changes and it made the changes even more difficult. You will reduce the stress with change when you accept the changes. Sometimes we try so hard to put off the changes it makes it worse and we suffer.

Keep your schedule and routine to reduce any additional stress and it will help to stabilize you in uncertain times. Most importantly spend time with God and nature because it will help release tension and allow you to relax. Give yourself an anchor by God, nature and keeping somethings the same. It gives your mind and body a break to adjust to the external changes. Increase your prayer and journal any emotions to help process the experience. Take your fears and worries to God through prayer and be gentle with yourself.

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